Single IRB

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has issued a policy on the use of a single Institutional Review Board (IRB) for non-exempt multi-site research funded by the NIH that are carried out at more than one site in the United States.

Additionally, recent changes to the Common Rule creates a requirement for U.S.-based institutions engaged in cooperative research to use a single IRB for review of research that takes place within the United States, with certain exceptions.

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Track and Share

Alleviate the issues related to Multi-Site protocols

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Ease the process of communicating between reviewing and relying institutions

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Simple storage of negotiations and management of of Multi-Site protocols.

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  • Reviewing Institution can make protocols available to relying institutions through search or invitation
  • Manage protocols, documents, and personnel
  • Protocol information stored in a single location
  • Integrate with local IRB Management Systems


  • Negotiate protocol requirements seamlessly
  • Conflict of Interest concerns
  • Adverse events
  • Staffing changes
  • And much much more


  • Tracks all updates to protocols, by whom and when
  • Communicates changes to appropriate staff across institution
  • Allows for quick and easy reporting
  • Easily respond to audit requests


  • Make protocols available for search
  • Institutions can apply to participate

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